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Hello to all the booksters in the world! This week I’ve decided to do something very different on my blog. I am taking a very tiny (one day in other words) break from sharing book reviews. In the spirit of the new show called The Witcher that just came out on Netflix this past Friday, I am going to do a sort of review/commentary on the show.

I’ve been reading some mixed reviews toward the show and I was so intrigued I decided to input some of my thoughts on the show.

I heard about this show sometime last year (I think?) or maybe it was earlier this year…anyway it caught my attention immediately because (1) It has Henry Cavill starring as the main character (I mean, hello, it’s freaking Henry Cavill!) and (2) It is a fantasy show filled with all of my guilty pleasures (witches, demons, magic, elves, and even more magic!).

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It’s not surprise that I would gravitate toward the show because I am a huge fan of fantasy and the supernatural (I literally watch a show called Supernatural with the fantastic Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padelecki!)

Anywho, I was so excited when the release date was finally announced and as soon as that Netflix notification dinged on my phone I was in the The Witcher zone. So, without further delay let me get into the topic at hand.

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Warning: Excessive use of Supernatural gifs and memes may cause extreme excitement, swooning, rapid heart beat, giddiness, giggling, and a weird urge to line your door with salt. You have been warned…

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This dark, epic fantasy show follows a monster hunter (also known as Witchers) named Geralt of Rivia. Geralt is despised by almost everyone because he is a mutated being with special magical abilities, enhanced senses, and inhuman strength (ie. He has some kick ass fighting moves). Geralt’s only ever known loneliness and solitude, but in his experience he’s found that men prove more often than not to be more monstrous than the actual monsters themselves.

The show also explores the stories of other characters such as Yennefer (a mage) and Cirilla (princess of Calanthe). I won’t go into too much detail about their stories, but the story of each character is intertwined with Geralt’s.

Thoughts on the Show

I read some of the reviews about the show and to be honest I think some critics were too harsh on the quality of the show.

One comment that I saw was something along the lines of, “Geralt isn’t supposed to show human emotion, but somehow he’s able to enjoy sex and other emotions…”

Really? That is one of your concerns?

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I think this statement is irrelevant for the fact that in the show it is only assumed that Witchers can’t feel emotions, but it is obviously one of those myths that’s actually untrue. It is not an inconsistency as assumed by this comment, but a mere fact of misinterpretation of what was said in the show.

I think the show has its merits and the potential to be a successful ongoing series. Obviously, after Game of Thrones ended (on a very sad and disappointing note), fans are looking for their next binge-worthy, epic fantasy to fill in that hole.

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The Witcher may not be as good as the first four or five seasons of Game of Thrones, but it is fulfilling enough to keep us entertained.

I think the show has solid, good actors and actresses that live up to their parts. In my opinion, what may have held back the show from receiving more praises and less skeptical review is how it is plotted out.

The show dives into this vastly large and complicated world. There is a war going on between a kingdom called Nilfgaard and most of the kingdoms that have not been conquered by this kingdom. Elves are angry because humans used the magic that was taught to them to slaughter the elves (pretty messed up situation). One of the main characters, Princess Cirilla, may possibly be a part of a prophecy that will end the world (?) and Geralt is bound by some higher calling to protect her.

My point is that there are some plot holes to be filled and some things that need more explanation. But then, isn’t that the point of making a series? Build the plot along as the show goes and fill in the pieces to the puzzle as deemed necessary.

I didn’t realize that the show started off in a past timeline until a few episodes in. Some scenes in the show took place in the past and some in the present. I think that not having a definite awareness of the time and place of certain events in the show made it a little harder to follow. But, I am now clued in to the overall plot of the show and how every event came full circle. I will say that this show requires you pay close attention to detail and put the pieces of all the character plot lines together.

The world building can get confusing at times, but some exposition or explanation of events would clear this confusion up. My hope is that as the show goes into the second season, it can fill in some plot holes and do a better job of making sure the audience understands what kind of world were in. Think of it like this: I can’t enjoy watching a battle scene if I don’t know who the players are and why they are fighting; the purpose of enacting the battle scene is then useless and boring.

However, the show has made up for this with its incredible fight scenes (the choreography is spot on), intriguing characters (Jaxier is a nice tension breaker and humorous), and an endless amount of Geralt kicking monster butt and talking to his horse, Roach (you kind of get used to the name). The amount of magic is endless and an added bonus to any fantasy show!

To all the skeptics and critics out there, I say you should give this show a chance to grow into its potential before shooting it down.

Let me know what you thought of the show and any of my thoughts in the comments section below! Feel free to follow me on here on WordPress, Twitter, and Instagram for anymore book content. I’m also open to any book review requests you have – just message me on Twitter or Instagram or comment here!

Thanks for being so awesome! Happy Holidays!

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